Waterloo Rental Licensing Program

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Q. How do I know if I need a licence?
A. Anyone renting out a low-rise residential unit in Waterloo requires a rental licence. More specifically, any property that does not meet all of the following requires a licence:

·Contains four or more dwelling units
·Has horizontally separated dwelling units
·Has a common interior corridor system with a common exit at grade level

Q. What class of licence do I need?
A. The licence classes are available in the schedules attached to the residential rental housing by-law.

Q. If I only rent out one, two or three bedrooms, do I still need a rental housing licence?
A. Yes. Renting any bedroom in any low-rise building requires a rental housing licence.

Q. What are the costs associated with the application?
A. The rental housing licensing fee chart outlines the application fees as well as the renewal fees, which are due annually on April 1. A preliminary consultation fee is required with each licence application. If we reject an application because it is incomplete, this fee will be forfeited and a new fee will be required for reapplication.

Q. How do I apply for a licence?
A. You can apply online or in person at City Hall at 100 Regina St. S. The online application fee – including a transaction fee of 1.87 per cent of the total – can be paid using Visa, MasterCard or American Express. In person applications can be paid by cash, cheque, debit or money order.

Q. Can I transfer my rental housing licence if I sell my rental unit?
A. No. The rental housing licence is not transferable. The new owner will need to apply for a new licence, which includes getting all the necessary documentation and inspections. Please contact the enforcement division if you sell your rental unit.

Summary of License Fees

Initial Application Fee Renewal Fee
Preliminary Consultations $68.15
New Licenses A 4 Bedroom $598.66 Annual Renewals A 4 Bedroom $326.54
New Licenses A 3 Bedroom $544.23 Annual Renewals A 3 Bedroom $296.85
New Licenses A 2 Bedroom $494.76 Annual Renewals A 2 Bedroom $269.87
New Licenses A 1 Bedroom $449.78 Annual Renewals A 1 Bedroom $245.33
New Licenses D Class 1 $668.45 Annual Renewals D Class 1 $375.52
New Licenses D Class 2 $625.87 Annual Renewals D Class 2 $341.38
New Licenses B&E – 4 Bedroom $498.88 Annual Renewals B&E 4 Bedroom $272.12
New Licenses B&E – 3 Bedroom $453.53 Annual Renewals B&E 3 Bedroom $247.38
New Licenses B&E – 2 Bedroom $412.30 Annual Renewals B&E 2 Bedroom $224.89
New Licenses B&E – 1 Bedroom $374.82 Annual Renewals B&E 1 Bedroom $204.45
New Licenses C $757.30 Annual Renewal C $413.07
New Licenses Z 4 Bedroom $598.66 Annual Renewals Z 4 Bedroom $326.54
New Licenses Z 3 Bedroom $544.23 Annual Renewals Z 3 Bedroom $296.85
New Licenses Z 2 Bedroom $494.76 Annual Renewals Z 2 Bedroom $269.87
New Licenses Z 1 Bedroom $449.78 Annnual Renewals Z 1 Bedroom $245.33
Class Z Bedroom Premium $44.98 Annual Renewals Z Premium $24.54

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Information provided courtesy of the City of Waterloo.